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i'm pissed. 

i'm done with pain killers that dont work.
i'm done with x-rays and MRIs.
i'm done with doctors.
i'm done missing school to go to these doctors appointments.
i'm done being hurt.

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Today i got in a car accident.

the result is...

really bad whip lash in my neck, lower back and shoulder.
slightly dislocated shoulder.

car is totaled.

fucken great.

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RENT and NYC tomorrow!!

And i'm bored so i put on the ipod and started dancing around my house. While dancing around my house i had to go upstairs. So while making my way upstairs the best part of the song i was listening to came on so i stopped and did a crazy dance from the bro and sis and proceed to go upstairs. And while doing that i fell flat on my face. They will my crazy ass when i go to college. Time to sing and dance rent jsut came on!


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College Orentation till Sunday.
New York City/ RENT the Musical Wedensday.
Graduation Party Saturday.

exciting exciting!!
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Prom is over with and was crazy times 1000.
I'm 18 and i had the best 18th birthday..ever.
I am offically a College Freshman and Gradution weekend was unforgettable.
Summer is finally here and i'm making it the best fucken summr of my life.

Ps. I got an Ipod and a lap top.

their hot.