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I'm defying gravity

And you can't pull me down!

11 June
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acoustic guitar, acting, aeropostale, aim, allister, american eagle outfitters, audio adrenaline, bands, beaches, big daddy weave, billy joel, bob dylan, books, boys, brand new, broadway musicals, building 429, caedmon's call, candles, cars, casting crowns, cell phones, chocolate, christian music, christianity, christmas, church, classic rock, coheed and cambria, concerts, cookie dough, country music, cyfm, dancing, dashboard confessional, dave matthews band, disney movies, drama, driving, early november, eating out, edward scissorhands, fall out boy, fire works, flirting, forrest gump, friday nights, friends, fuse, god, guitar, gummy bears, hanging out with friends, hanging with friends, having a good time, helping people, horror films, hot rod circuit, hugs, instant messaging, internet, jars of clay, jesus, john connor, john mayer, johnny depp, kutless, laughing, lava lamps, led zeppelin, les miserables, lifetime, listening to music, livejournal, love, maroon 5, mercy me, michael w. smith, michelle branch, movies, music, musicals, musicians, night, ocean, parties, partying, pepsi, pictures, pizza, playing soccer, punk, reading, rebecca st. james, red roses, relient k, romance, rufio, saves the day, shoes, shopping, singing, sleeping, snowboarding, something corporate, sonic flood, sports, starbucks, stars, steven curtis chapman, straylight run, summer, sunsets, surfing, switchfoot, taking back sunday, the ataris, the beach, the beatles, the moon, the starting line, third day, third eye blind, thunderstorms, tobymac, track, travelling, vacations, veggie tales, volunteering, weezer, west side story, wet seal, wicked the musical, wizard of oz, writing, yellowcard, youth group